The Excrawlers

The Excrawlers is an Action-RPG slasher in which you have to get into the dark atmosphere of dungeons full of monsters and madness. Find out how you got here, complete all the challenges and fight five deadly bosses to be able to get out!

The choice is yours: As you play, you will encounter the most controversial characters. Help, kill or avoid is up to you, but remember that everything has consequences.
Create unique builds: Flexible skill leveling systems and equipment settings will allow you to create a unique build for your own style of play.
Modify: Doppelgangers? Fire arrows? Explosive arrows? Or maybe everything is better at the same time? Yes, this is possible thanks to a special modifier system that makes each run special.
Explore: On your way you will meet five completely different locations - from a steel cave full of medieval robots, to a parallel dimension, the secrets of which only a madman can learn.